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About Us

Our Mission

Our mission at Myndpath Psychiatry and Medical Associates is to provide quality medical and psychiatric care to underprivileged communities. We work hard to align the physical and mental wellbeing of our patients through trust, thoughtfulness, care, and empathy. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide transformative care for the complete you.

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Our Story

Mental health disorders aren't something Mandi Rhone was recently introduced to by any means. Her father, and two brothers, suffer from mental health problems they have learned to cope with daily. She witnessed firsthand their strength and resilience. This front-row seat to mental instability showed her what most patients with mental illnesses go through. From this experience, she learned how little of the underlying illness could be observed on the surface. It was necessary to go deeper into a person's psyche to relate to the patient and be effective in providing comprehensive care and treatment.
Mandi believes that transformative care is a critical factor in maintaining a patient's overall wellness. She created this practice to treat medical and mental health issues personally and emotionally by providing a holistic approach to total health care. Her goal is to provide quality care by comforting patients, lowering their stress and anxiety, and adopting a medical and mental strategy to put them on a path of good mental and physical health.


Mandi and her team are determined to deliver holistic care to patients with an astute understanding of psychiatric and medical ailments they may face. 

MyndPath Psychiatry Medical Team

What Our Clients Say

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